Saving one horse may not change the world but it will change the world for that one horse.


We vow to provide rescue to equines of all breeds, ages, genders, physical and behavioral capabilities, from situations of neglect, abuse and abandonment.


We vow to provide a safe environment, quality feed, exceptional vet and farrier care, appropriate socializing and training to each horse that comes to DreamCatchers.


We vow to make every effort to find each equine a loving forever home and when this isn’t an option, due to physical or behavioral conditions, we will provide sanctuary for them for life.


We vow to  care for the horses that come to DreamCatchers and give them a safe and loving sanctuary for the rest of their lives.

We vow to attempt to educate the public on plight of the American Horse. Unscrupulous breeding practices, abusive activities such as tripping, kill buyers and slaughter all serve to endanger the horses we love.

We vow to provide a safe and wholesome facility that our community can come to and interact with horses and learn just how amazing they are.

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19065 Wigwam Rd.    Fountain, CO 80817

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